Monday, September 14, 2015

Tianfu is Waiting to Bless Us

Just some silly sisters (:
Wow, I feel the exact same way, that time is going by way too fast.  How are we already half way through September? For all I know, it's still August of 2014.  This is not real! I'm glad you got to start enjoying the peaches! I've been craving them as mango season is coming to a close :( We'll see what fruit is the next best in Taiwan! To answer your questions... No, I haven't quite passed off phase 1.  Today I just finished with lesson 4, and we have exchanges this week where I can pass stuff off with the sister training leaders, so I'm trying to have lesson 5 done by then! President Jergensen basically ma (scold?) everyone that didn't finish phase 1 by the end of training, so I'm trying really hard to finish by the end of this transfer on the 25th!
Is this Asian? Somehow this seems totally normal...
I definitely have felt more comfortable with teaching, or even just talking to people on the street, but if we're having a conversation not about the gospel, I'm still completely lost, haha. But that's what phase 2 is for, so no worries.  Yi bu yi bu! Step by step. Our mission is really lucky to have the language study program! We do temple tours about once every transfer, so those will still happen regularly.  Next time, we'll get to use the ipad! Also mom, did you find those two talks I gave you? I found out the one was called "Becoming a consecrated missionary" by Tad R. Callister.  definitely read it! It's totally applicable to the gospel in general so it's great for everyone!
 Always need a bus selfie
Random cool waterfall on our hike up to zone conference
 We had our zone conference this week, and I found out that 'outdoor' actually means up Yangming mountain! So that was way fun!! We hiked a ton (well, if walking up a million rock stairs around a mountain counts as hiking) and had some great trainings about positivity, effectively learning the language, becoming a better shepherd of our flock, and representing Christ. We kind of established a mission scripture: 3 Nephi 5:13, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ in everything we do! I just feel really motivated to do everything I can to represent the Savior in everything that I do.
Sister Lindsay-we were together for a minute
in the MTC, and she was reassigned to Georgia.  Love her!
I just love how President can call everyone to repentance, but in such a loving way and with the spirit, so it's only motivating you to do better.  President Harding was really good at that, too. The spirit will work miracles, people. Haha, I have to admit that it was also nice to feel sore muscles again! It's a familiar feeling that I actually miss.  Thank you, high school soccer haha.
 cute little bendiren (:
Diqu pic-Elder Seamons, Mertz, Clawson, Gary, Sis. Strong and me
zone pic! 
We were able to meet with Bishop Zheng this week and talk a little bit about our less active Melchezidek priesthood holders since we're trying to split the ward.  It's cool to see how much his heart has been softened and he's hopping on board with this plan to hasten the work.  I hope I'll be able to see the results of our efforts! If not, we've definitely watered some good seeds.  
I ate a few interesting things this week! We had vietnamese with Carly and she ordered noodles with pig scalp and let me try some...Not my favorite haha.
I had this for breakfast on exchanges in Taipei-Totasted dongxi with rice
Before I forget, she got her mission call! She's going to New York, New York South, Chinese speaking. I'm so excited for her! We also had dinner with Guo family for the first time! Seriously, if I could have a decent conversation with them, they would feel like family! They're the best.  So with them, we had rice (of course) with soup, and something that looked like a chicken hand was chilling in the soup, complete with finger nails and all.  Luckily, no one ate that.  But there was also these little finger sandwiches with pigs ear and basil leaf, which was way good! I'm glad Sister Strong didn't tell me until after we left what it was.  Ignorance is bliss, isn't it?
One last miracle! So Steven came to church for the second time! We've been teaching him for a while, but he's just progressing kind of slowly.  Mei guanxi though! He's done really awesome this week.  So after sacrament, he was going to run to a 7 to grab something to eat, but we were like, "wait! you have to keep the sabbath day holy!" so he stayed hahah. Then he received an immediate blessing because there was tons of food for everyone after church! That seems to be a common occurrence, I wonder if it's just the Yilan ward, or all of Taiwan.  I'm not going to complain though! But it certainly worked well in this instance and it was cool to point that out to him and help him realize that Tianfu will bless us for obeying his commandments.
The beautiful valley of Taipei
I have a firm belief in promises and blessings.  Last time I went through the Book of Mormon, I wrote out all of the promises and blessings that are given.  There's so many! And they're all recurring, too.  Like D&C 130: 20-21, every blessing we obtain comes from being obedient to a commandment.  I definitely believe that to be true.  Tianfu is so merciful, but he is also a just God.  He is just waiting for us to obey his commandments so he can bless us, more than we can even imagine! I love how predictable the gospel is.  I love teaching it, and the simplicity of it.  I love representing it. 
Love, Feng Jiemei

9 pm, waiting for our bus to come... 

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