Monday, September 7, 2015

So Humble and Just Ready to Learn

We may have gotten lost while looking for
 LA's for 3 hours and ended up in a park!
You can't get past me, dinosaur! 

Hello my beloved family! 
I think I spoke too soon about the weather last week, since this week was way hot! But I guess there's no predicting the weather here; it's pouring again this morning. I hope y'all have a nice labor day celebrating dad's and Andrew's birthday! Happy birthday tomorrow, Andrew! Love you buddy! And I heard about Joseph's gig with TOTO! Atta boy, broseph (: mom, about conversion for your missionaries.. It definitely takes total obedience and commitment, but it also takes time.  They may want to be an awesome missionary, but are just too lazy to make the changes.  It happens to everyone.  But when they really have the right MOTIVES and want to serve the Lord the best they can because they love Him, that's when conversion happens.  I'd invite you to read "becoming a converted missionary" (or something like that) and "the 4th missionary".  Those two talks definitely helped me to change my motives and actually WANT to become converted, and maybe that will give you some ideas of ways to teach.
Well we had another awesome week! Lin Xian Shan got baptized this weekend! Haha I'm not sure he could have waited another day.  He was so ready! He's been really anxious to get a 3-1 with D&C, so I'm sure he's thrilled with that and might have already read it all by now hahah. I can't believe it's only been a month or so since we met him! I can't believe how prepared he was.  He's so humble and just willing to learn and obey God's commandments.  He just wants to do what's right.  
Lin Xian Shan's baptism! He's on the left, and Liu dixiong baptized him.
 And yes, Lin Dixiong has a comb over if you couldn't tell (: He's so precious.
Also, best news ever!!! We got permission to go to the temple and do baptisms with our 3 recent converts!! I'm pretty sure we'll be going the 19th of this month if everyone can get the priesthood and temple recommends in time.  I'm so excited!!! This is literally an answer to my prayers.  Man, I love the gospel!
Haha so we had a funny experience the other night.  We were riding home in the pouring rain and it was dark, and this cute little old lady, Luo Jiemei, asks us to help her cross the street.  She met missionaries before, so we thought she might be legit, but it turns out she might have been just lonely and not all there in the head.  She kept trying to feed us hot chocolate and bread and stuff and we couldn't get out of her house! It was like 10 minutes till curfew and she literally would not let us leave! Haha I felt like it was that little witch that stuffed the kids with food and made them into pies.  But we got out just in time, whew! (:
This was on our 3 hour adventure to find some LA's.
I was getting a little bored so I figured a selfie would do the trick (:
I actually felt a few baby earthquakes this week! That's the first time I've ever felt one.  Haha the first time, I was praying at night and I thought Sister Strong was kicking my bed or something! But now I'm kind of used to them.  But I always pause and just have to smile because they're amusing to me (:
We met a cool girl from English boarding this week, Fiona! She says she's 31, but she hardly looks 25! You can never guess an Asian's  age, let me tell ya. Anyway, she's awesome! You know they're prepared when they ask a ton of questions that can be answered in your next sentence or in proceeding lessons.  So I'm excited to teach her again! 
Guo Jiating is doing great, just thought I should mention them haha.  Guo dixiong even wore a white shirt and tie, and he looked so good yesterday! 
So I started reading the book of Alma this week, and I read the first chapter and just laughed.  That's exactly what Georgia was like! All kinds of apostate nonsense.  It's so funny that the things they do are mentioned in the scriptures.
Sister Strong had to kill this bad boy the other day.  DISGUSTING
We also had zone meeting this week, not to be confused with zone conference, which is this next week, haha. We always find a reason to go up to Taipei. Anyway, I thought it was really insightful.  We read John 10:1-5 and 11-14 and just picked it all apart. It's all about how Jesus is the good shepherd and knows every sheep's name.  I love how Sister Jergensen digs into the scriptures like that.  She finds the meaning of things like hirelings and applies it so it has even more meaning than it did before.  It's really cool.  Anyway, we talked about how we can become better shepherds over our flocks, rather than be a hireling, who just left at night and might have let a robber in to steal the sheep.  I do enjoy the scriptures.
District bus ride, coming home from zone conference
I just realized I'm not sure how much I have told y'all about Taiwan.  Is there anything you want to know? So we live in an apartment. Most people do, and they're all like 7 stories high.  We have a park near our house, and I love watching the amas (grandmas) do their little exercises.  They basically punch themselves all up and down your legs and arms hahah.  I've tried it though, and you could pretend that it works (: there's a 7/11 or a family mart on just about every corner, which is super fangbian. Everyone gives you stuff if they let you in to their house, but sometimes it's hot water and that's just gross.
Waiting in line at a 7.. There's a dog in a box. I don't understand.
Yesterday I decided that it's okay here to chew with your mouth open (don't worry mom, I don't) but you should probably ride your bike with your mouth closed.  Too many bugs! Most of the Christians here are kind of the same as the Christians in Georgia. They just speak Chinese instead of Southern.. haha weird. Everyone here has a bai bai (worship) pot or a huge shrine thing that's bigger than a piano.  It's kind of creepy to look through the windows and see these red glowing things.  I will never look at red lights the same again! Well, that's all I've got for y'all today, but feel free to ask about anything else! Sorry I haven't really been filling you in on the random details! 
I love you, and thank you for your constant prayers and support.  Let the truth roll forward!
Love, Feng Jiemei

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