Monday, October 5, 2015

Phase Two

Yubei tian kuaile! Happy P day!

I hope everyone enjoyed conference weekend! I thought of y'all as we were were just having a normal fast sunday sacrament meeting. We'll get to listen to it all this weekend though! 
This week was just so fun.  I remember Carly, the member that's going on a mission, was asking us if missionary work is fun.  Haha well, you see, there's different types of fun.  There's "P day" fun, where you go out and do cool stuff because you're in Taiwan, and there's "spiritual" fun, where you go out and get to help others come unto Christ and see the changes they make.  So yeah, this week was both types of fun (: Last Monday, there actually was a taifeng! Who would have thought? I heard it was even bigger than the last one we had.  Sister Strong and I had fun in our apartment while she taught me more chords on the ukelele, and she played along on her guitar.  We're quite the companionship (: It was crazy what damage had been done though! I got a few really good pics.  One family mart sign had been ripped out of the ground, and our church glass doors had shattered.  Haha the Taiwanren are so prepared for it though.  We went to the church the morning after, and people were already there cleaning up and just so willing to serve, even before they clean up their own house.  We stayed for a few hours and helped as well.  

                                                                On top of our roof 
Guess what? I officially passed off phase 1 of language study! Okay, I might have lied last week.  I still had a practice teaching thing to do that was just waiting until district meeting. But now I'm done for good! Phase 2 is so crazy though! I'm still figuring out how to study for 2000 words.  I was thinking the fibbanocchi sequence (or however you spell it). Joseph and WOJ, this means you! Haha please remind me what it is so I can start applying his wisdom. Thanks (:

 Last pic with Sis Strong at transfer meeting.  Carly had to be included, of course

Last district pic! Elders Seamons, Mertz, Gray,
Clawson, and me and Sister Strong
Transfers were this week, and I got a new tongban! A bendi even! A native! Her name is Xiao Jiemei, and she's a little ball of fire! She's from Jiayi, which is in the taizhong mission, and shs been out for 10 months.  She's already helped me so much with the language! Every night I come home though and my mind is just exhausted.  SO MUCH CHINESE. I'll get used to it though.  We already get along really well, and she's just an awesome missionary! Haha the first day she came to Yilan we had weekly planning, and of course it was just total Chinese.  Halfway through, I just stopped and realized I was speaking Chinese with this girl from Taiwan! I can actually communicate with people! Wow, haha definitely Shen de zhufu.  God's blessing. 
Xiao Jiemei! She's so cute! And would you look at that, we found a cool bridge!
We got to see Ming Yuan get baptized this week! the Guo son! Along with 3 other people from both sets of elders, so that was sweet! Ming Yuan in his testimony mentioned how we taught him about agency, and he's so happy that his parents chose to follow Jesus Christ.  Aww (: Now we just need his big sister and big brother! Guo DX and Guo JM already have their temple recommends, so we're just waiting for the temple to open back up and we'll take them as a family! Ahh I cannot wait for that day (: 
​Ming Yuan's baptism!! What a happy little family (:
Oh.. I forgot to mention.  I got my death letter yesterday! AHHH :/ I'll leave March 12.  Only 5 more months of this pure joy! Mom, they said you should be getting a similar letter to just to make sure I'm all set for school and stuff.  I have no idea what I'm doing after the misson... Find a job and work until summer, and then take like two classes? Eh, I'll cross that bridge when I get there. 
Anyways, back to missionary work and stuff! We found a few cool miracles this week! First, we were at the train station and we randomly decided to buy a rice ball from our friend.  It turns out that the lady in front of us is either ABC or lived in America for a while, but she's from Atlanta!! It was so fun to talk to her, and it was just a nice, subtle reminder that Tianfu is very aware of  me (: 
Another one just happened last night! We were out looking for LA's just around the church and our house, and we knocked on one's house, no answer.  We cross the street and knock on another's house, no answer.  Then Dong DX, a member, comes walking by and we talk to him for a minute, and he gives us some information about those LA's.  Then the first Zhu JM that we knocked on walks by!  Hahah Dong Dx yells out her name and starts speaking broken English to her.  He's hilarious! We wouldn't have even known it was her if he wasn't there with us.  I'm grateful that he was following the spirit to go out on a night walk around the neighborhood! 
Well, that's all for this week.  Stay tuned for next time! I'm so grateful for the little miracles that keep happening every day.  Sometimes you really do have to look for them but they are always there if you're praying for them and looking hard enough.  We've definitely seen a lot of miracles this week, and I'm so grateful for the Lord's hand in my life! 

Love, Feng Jiemei

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