Monday, October 12, 2015

Ponderizing on Gospel Blessings

 I love being a missionary!!!!
Obviously I've still got some time here in Taiwan...
Why hello beautiful family!
My mind is fried from the burst of spiritual input from general conference, so bear with me! This was a great week though.  Do I say that every week? Whatever, every week is great! First before I forget, we're going to the temple next Wednesday! WHOO!! That also means that p day will be on w\Wednesday, just for a heads up.  
 Hurray for rain and wind and stuff!
 Soo.. on taifeng day last week we forgot the keys 
                                          and I had to scale our apartment up to our balcony!
Okay, so Xiao Jiemei is seriously the best.  She has already taught me so much! Haha she kind of reminds me of Katie Henderson. She's a cute little package and she's not the most girly, but she's got so much fire! I am so thankful to be her companion.
                     We got Momenmian (Mormon noodles) after our English leader meeting. 
         It's right by the mission home and temple, and so many Mormons go there, apparently (:
First time teaching ertongban! 
Coco, Bubu, and Andrea (:
 After our lesson with Steven
We made leaps and bounds this week with our most progressing investigator, Steven.  We've been teaching him about the whole time that I've been here, and he's awesome! He thinks A LOT though hahah. But last week he fasted, and this week (well, Saturday) he went to general conference! He just has a hard time differentiating between his thoughts and the spirit.  He loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk about making things simple, and had a good discussion with some members after the session.  This next lesson with him we're going to set him on date for baptism (again) and I think this will be the time! 
Speaking of general conference, it was just great.  Us missionaries got to watch it in English in a separate room, so that was nice. I loved whoever talked about asking "What lack I yet?" That goes right along with my 40 day challenge! And I'm still working on getting my answer.  Haha for some reason, I can't decide if revelation will come to me in English or Chinese. And if it's in Chinese, what if I can't understand? Haha I'll keep trying. Anyway, it just goes along with the two talks that I love that I gave you a few weeks ago that have totally just shaped my mission, and helped me be a more consecrated missionary.  
 Accidentally took the wrong train...but we found this little gem!
 Exchanges this week with Sister Wright.  We were together
for a minute in the MTC.  She's Sis. Strong's generation.
 I've also been "ponderizing" this week with 1 Nephi 8:12.  That one is about Lehi's dream where he eats the fruit and wants his whole family to eat it with him because it gave him so much joy.  We're trying harder to think of every person we meet as children of God, and I want to share that love of God with all my Taiwanren brothers and sisters. 
 One of the employees at a lunch place got us ice cream! #waiguorenperks
 haha she likes adventure time
 Share it with everyone, right?
We also had zone conference this week! We focused all about baptism, and we all just got a renewed desire to invite everyone to be baptized. They showed a video of all the missionaries in our mission at the time of their baptism.  The sister right after me showed her at her investigator's baptism instead of her own.  That just made me think.  When I was 8 years old and got baptized, I had no idea that I would be serving a mission!  I had no idea that I would have the opportunity to help others have what I had just experienced.  And to think that everyone we've helped receive baptism received the same gift as me, and will receive the same blessings and complete joy that I've received.. That's just awesome! I am so grateful that I have been baptized and that I can help others receive the same blessings.
I put on a cardigan for the first time in Taiwan... It's getting to be that time, eh? Bring it on! I hope everyone has a great week!   

Love, Feng Jiemei (:
 Xiao Jiemei is introducing to me to a million fruits! 
This is dragon fruit, which is the next best after mango
GAHHH!!! This huge spider just ran across the wall at the computer place I'm at!
Probably the size of my palm?
                                    #Englishfail. These are my favorite to find around Taiwan (:

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